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AVA Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml


AVA Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

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It is 100% natural, unbleached and cold-pressed. Virgin coconut oil is popular for its pleasant aroma, taste, powerful antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and …

AVA Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml – Enjoy delicious treats from Ava. Unlike other edible oils, ava coconut oil can be used for deep frying and the oil will still be stable.


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AVA Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml – Coconut oil is an edible oil derived from the kernels, meat, and milk of the coconut palm fruit. Coconut oil is a white solid fat below around 25 °C, and a clear thin liquid oil in warmer climates. Unrefined varieties have a distinct coconut aroma.

Enjoy delicious treats from Ava. Unlike other edible oils, ava coconut oil can be used for deep frying and the oil will still be stable.

AVA Virgin Coconut Oil, 100% Organic, Cold Pressed, 500ml

Ghana’s No.1 Coconut oil Brand. Taste the Goodness. Enjoy the aroma. Buy our 500ml bottle just perfect for your kitchen.

10 Benefits of Coconut Oil – Virgin Coconut Oil

There is a growing body of evidence that coconut oil offers some health benefits, both internally and externally.

AVA Virgin Coconut Oil

1. A Boost in Good Cholesterol

Coconut oil is said to modestly hike one’s level of good cholesterol.

2. Good for Blood Sugar and Diabetes

Coconut oil can aid in lowering obesity levels in the body and also battles insulin resistance – issues that often lead to type two diabetes.

3. Helps Fight Back Against Alzheimer’s Disease

The MCFA component in coconut oil – especially its generation of ketones by the liver – aids in mending brain function in Alzheimer patients.

4. Helps Stop Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

Since coconut oil is so high in saturated fats, that helps boost HDL (or “good”) cholesterol to ward off heart disease and lowering high triglycerides. Additionally, coconut oil also performs a rather remarkable and heart-healthy feat – it helps turn bad cholesterol into good cholesterol.

5. Aids in Liver Health

Coconut oil also guards against any damage to the liver, and also aids in curing urinary tract infections.

6. Boosts Energy

Unrefined coconut oil also hikes energy and endurance, primarily by its MCFA’s shooting directly into the liver, which enables to be converted into energy.

7. Aids with Digestion

Another benefit of coconut oil – it helps with food digestion by aid the body take in fat-soluble components like vitamins and magnesium. It also eliminates toxic bacteria and candida, which fights poor digestion and stomach inflammation. That helps prevent stomach ulcers.

8. Acts as a Salve for Wounds and Burns

Coconut is good for the skin, especially in the treatment of wounds, burns, and dermatitis. It also acts as sunblock, and as a moisturizer for the skin, thanks to the two primary fatty acids in unrefined coconut oil, caprylic and lauric, and to its antioxidant component, which team up to reduce inflammation under the skin and promote better healing.

9. Acts as an Anti-aging Component

Rich with antioxidants, coconut oil is known to slow the aging process, generally by curbing any undue stress on the liver.

10. Helps With Weight Loss

Coconut oil also can help with weight loss, as it acts as a fat burner and a calorie burner, especially with doses of unrefined coconut oil. It also acts as an appetite suppressant. One study shows that the capric acid in coconut oil helps boost thyroid performance, which in turn reduces a body’s resting heart rate and aids in burning fat for an increased energy boost.

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